A heavily customizable moderation & general purpose Discord bot.

Feautres you won't find anywhere else.

Powerful Moderation

ScrumpBot has more than just the basic kick & ban commands, it also has an in-depth warn system, multiban system, mute & tempmute systems.

Voice Roles!

You can setup Scrumpbot to give users in Voice channels specific roles which will be removed upon leaving the voice channel.

Every command is configurable.

All commands can be enabled & disabled as well as have their responses and interactions with the users changed to your liking.

An overview of what to expect!

Moderation Commands

Any moderation command you think you need, ScrumpBot has it. Tempmutes? We got it, need to ban 5732 people at once? We got it.

Customizable behavior

Every single command can be enabled & disabled. They can also have their responses changed.

Web dashboard (soon!)

There are future plans to have a fully integrated webdashboard, allowing for easy control over your Discord server.

Action Commands

With 30 action commands such as hug, slap, stare and wave there is something for any and everyone to show their emotions.

Leave & Join messages

ScrumpBot offers an array of options for Join & Leave messages, being able to set custom channels with awesome and fun messages.

Made with Landen